The Salwico gas system consists of different modules and software together with a number of gas detectors.

The modules in the Salwico platform are used to verify and determine how the system should react in the case of alarms from gas detectors. The software continuously monitors the system and will alert in the case of malfunction or gas alarm. Salwico Gas system is easy to use, secure, redundant, flexible, and built on the same modular platform as the fire detection system.

  • Easy to install.
  • Full redundency on power and communication.
  • Voltage drop protection.
  • Reduction of cable during installation.
  • USB interface makes service easy.
  • 10 panels, 256 gas detectors and 128 programmable relays in one system.

Gas detectors

Our large range of gas detectors are used to monitor areas where flammable gases, oxygen deficiency and toxic gases can pose a danger to the environment.

Test and calibration

CN Systems offers a variety of gases and prepared kits that are needed to calibrate the Salwico detectors.

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