Fire Detection System 
- For Wind Power Plant

Wind power plants, along with their numerous components, represent a huge investment and having to restore a wind power plant may therefore be a financial disaster for the owners, operators and insurance companies alike.

Wind power plants represent extremely harsh environments, as they are subjected to many different types of disturbances like lightning, vibrations, electrical environments, etc. To avoid production losses and having to make financial investments, a sound fire detection system is of immense importance.

A wind power plant represents the following risk factors:

  • Concentration of ignition sources within the nacelle increases the risk for lightning strikes.
  • Unmanned operation.
  • Remote locations, which sometimes make it very difficult to reach, for example, offshore installations.
  • Unwanted alarms, which may cause substantial production losses.

Therefore, CN System offers state of the art fire detection systems developed to reach the highest flexibility possible in respect to detection, control and communication including the possibility to adapt the system’s sensitivity to the actual installation.

The system is prepared to interface with automatic fire extinguishing systems, ARC detectors, aspiration systems, monitoring signals from pressure switches etc. The system has been developed to be easy to maintain. The modularity and the small design make it perfect for installation in narrow spaces as well as in retrofit projects. It is also prepared for network installations.

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